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Our Review of the SQ1 Solar Combo on the John Muir Trail

Hey! Im Heston, and I just hiked 221 miles on the John Muir Trail with a Flybox SQ1. Along the way I kept all of my devices fully charged with the Flybox SQ1. Keep reading for my full story!   Here is a picture of me at the Happy Isles trailhead in Yosemite National Park, about to head out on what would become the trip of a lifetime!   If you're not familiar with the John Muir Trail, or JMT for short, it's a 211 mile journey through the high Sierra from Yosemite NP to the summit of Mt. Whitney at 14,500' in Inyo NF. In other words; the PERFECT torture test of a Flybox SQ1.    Disclaimer: YES, I am...

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