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Can Solar Charging Damage Your Device?!?

More people than ever before are carrying some form of electronic device into the backcountry. Along with that increase comes the corresponding demand for power to keep those devices charged. With so many product options on the market, and so little clear, helpful product info  (and how to use it!), we decided to offer a little assistance to ensure that you don't inadvertently ruin your device!     Using solar panels in the backcountry can be one of the most convenient methods of keeping your devices charged because it offers freedom from a plug. However, many people are unaware of the risks. I often see people who buy a solar panel, then proceed to plug their device directly into that panel for...

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Our Review of the SQ1 Solar Combo on the John Muir Trail

Hey! Im Heston, and I just hiked 221 miles on the John Muir Trail with a Flybox SQ1. Along the way I kept all of my devices fully charged with the Flybox SQ1. Keep reading for my full story!   Here is a picture of me at the Happy Isles trailhead in Yosemite National Park, about to head out on what would become the trip of a lifetime!   If you're not familiar with the John Muir Trail, or JMT for short, it's a 211 mile journey through the high Sierra from Yosemite NP to the summit of Mt. Whitney at 14,500' in Inyo NF. In other words; the PERFECT torture test of a Flybox SQ1.    Disclaimer: YES, I am...

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