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CRKT Eat 'N Tool 💥 $1.95 SALE! 💥

CRKT Eat 'N Tool 💥 $1.95 SALE! 💥

$ 1.95

This single piece steel utensil serves many purposes. As it's name implies, it's for eating, but it's also a multi function tool! In fact, we usually carry two in each of our packs! 

For eating, it's large spoon shape makes soup a breeze, while the forked end grabs the chunks. 

On the opposite end of the tool you'll find holes for three common wrench sizes (10mm, 8mm, 6mm), a screw driver bit, and a bottle opener. 

Weighing it at less than an ounce, you can easily stow it in your kit, replacing the heavier, bulkier gear you're carrying now. We all know how valuable space and weight are inside a pack!

It comes with a carabiner to easily attach it to a convenient place, or hang it out to dry after washing.