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Tyvek, Buy By The Foot!

Tyvek, Buy By The Foot!

$ 0.99

Make your own super light, waterproof footprint for your tent! Manufacturer’s footprints are WAY too expensive and traditional tarps are WAY too heavy! 


This item is PER FOOT pricing. Be sure to read below to determine how many feet you need in order to make your own Tyvek Tent Footprint.


I wanted a waterproof, lightweight footprint for my Big Agnes tent during my recent 211+ mile through hike of the John Muir Trail. The problem I encountered is that you cannot easily locate a suitable piece of Tyvek, and the manufacturer version of my tent's footprint was WAY more expensive than it ever should be.


I went to local construction sites and was told “we can’t give anything away.” I even offered to pay! - nope. I went to all the big box home supply stores; the orange one, the blue one, etc. None had just a small piece! 


So I bought a whole roll knowing that I could help a fellow hiker by selling the remainder, thus saving other hikers headaches and dollars!


Your footprint will be cut from a 3’ wide roll of Tyvek, manufactured by DuPont. It is listed for sale by the linear foot for your convenience. 


How to buy your Tyvek - "How much do I need?!”

Step 1: set up your tent, and measure how much area you want to cover under and around your tent. 

Step 2: Consider the arrangement of the Tyvek. If your tent is less than 3 feet wide then a single piece the length of your tent will work. If your tent is wider than 3 feet, then you will have to cut into strips the width of your tent and use clear packing tape to affix the strips together sideways 3’ at a time. I used three strips which gave me 9’ of length (3’ wide roll x 3 strips.) I then trimmed down the length to fit. This is what I did, and it worked fantastically well. Be sure to tape both sides where you attach the strips together!

Step 3: calculate the number of feet you need, and order that quantity from FlyboxGadgets.com!


Please message us on Facebook if you have any questions on sizing!!


Thats it! 


This is a super easy, inexpensive and light way to create a footprint for your tent that will last several seasons. 

Also, here's a great article from PMags about tent footprints! Enjoy:



Please let us know if you have any questions! We’ll be happy to answer and help you get the perfect amount of tyvek for your application. 


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